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The A2000 Hingeway Counterweight Balanced Door is custom made and designed for all applications where security and superior appearance is required and openings designed to span as little as 1 metre to as much as 10 metres in width if required (for wider openings please refer A3000 Foldaway Counterweight Door) with minimal internal projection and requires little headroom. The main benefits of A2000’s Hingeway Counterweight Balanced Door is that it achieves the lowest maintenance with the highest operation cycles, able to be designed in a variety of cladding and glazing types.


The A2000 is commonly used in the industrial, commercial and domestic markets offering an architecturally contemporary appeal which allows natural light in or bringing the outside in.


With ARCO's (Qld) custom made operating mechanism over 100,000 cycles are easily obtained per year, which is by far the lowest maintenance with the highest operational cycles of any conventional door system in Australia.

All ARCO’s (Qld) counterweight doors are designed to withstand site specific wind loading in accordance to AS1170.2-2002. If wind loads are not provided, the standard industry 0.5 Kpa is used.

Features and Benefits

A2000 is custom built for each specific application. Please contact ARCO (Qld) for any technical assistance in design and installation. Listed below are some of the main design considerations when specifying the A2000:

• Operational Requirements

• Opening Dimensions

• Structural Requirements

• Architectural Requirements

Therefore it is important to accurately measure the opening dimensions and adequately specify any requirements.


Opening Requirements

The A2000 Fully Recessed Counterweight Balanced Door requires operational clearances as well as permanent space for its accommodation. These dimensions vary depending on the application. It is important to take these in to consideration especially the operational clearances as they impinge on other design criteria, for example the drive through clearances.



Motorisation requires the addition of:

• Motorisation Guides

• Drive unit, including torque limiter

• Independent Limit Switches

 •Overhead Shaft

• Control System


When a motorised door is ordered the above mentioned items are included as they are all integral components of the door. Motorisation may be fitted to an existing manual door however this may require extensive modification.



Locking is normally provided on manual operated doors only. Pad bolts are fitted internally to allow the door to be latched in the closed position. These can be fitted with padlocks for additional security.


Under normal situations motorised doors have no locking devices fitted. This is because the drive unit itself “locks” the door in the open or closed position.


Cladding / Glazing

Despite the fact that a vertical bar grille format is most commonly requested, the A2000 Fully Recessed Counterbalanced Door can be designed to accept a wide variety of cladding and glazing materials.

The following combinations of glazing and cladding are quite common: 

• Sheeting products such as Trimdek and Custom Orb.

• Toughened Laminated Glass

• Poly carbonate, Acrylic, Perspex and Laserlite etc

Seals Flashings and Counterbalanced Casings

Brush seals can be fitted to the vertical sides and bottom of the door. These reduce the passage of dust and draft. Counterbalanced casings are normally fitted. They enclose the Counterbalance as a safety precaution and prevent any obstruction to their operation.

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