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ARCO ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS supply and install the most flexible and highest quality HIGH SPEED DOORS available. Manufactured by NERGECO, Arco has access to the experience and technical support of the World Leaders in HIGH SPEED DOOR Technology since 1980.

ARCO will have a door solution to suit the following applications;

  • High use interior

  • High wind load

  • Cold Room, Freezer Room

  • Food & Sanitary

  • Pharmaceutical & Clean Rooms

Features and Benefits

Recommended Specification

High Speed Doors to suit material use as specified and manufactured by NERGECO

Please consider manufacturing lead time (8-10 weeks), contact Arco for further details.

Design Features

Each door will encompass design features required to meet fit for purpose installation and operation.

  • Vertical, Fast Automatic Door Opening and Closing at 1.2m/s allows unimpeded traffic flow and isolation

  • Doors are made up of flexible UV protected, wear resistant ‘Rip Stop’ polyester PVC curtain material that provides air tightness all-round the opening.

  • Completely seals off the operational area from external dust, temperatures, sound, insects, etc.

  • Air tight curtain pressure resistant up to 120Pa.

  • Prevents energy loss from controlled atmosphere.

  • NERGECO’S Soft Bottom Edge technology with optional patented “Nergeco intelligent Curtain” (that allows the door to open on a “Just In Time Basis) in conjunction with horizontal support tubes, resist impacts and makes the doors safe for pedestrians, product and vehicles.

  • Robust Doors- can be used up to 1000 cycles/day

  • Door Types

  • ENDURO TREKKING; Heavy duty exterior Fold up door curtain resistant to 80% of typical impacts. Resistant to wind speeds up to 100kph. Self-supporting frame made of heavy duty steel. Sizes up to W=10m X H=10m

  • ENDURO 5 TREKKING; Multi Composite Frames, Wind loads up to 120kph, Sizes up to W=6m X H=6m

  • STAR 5 FORUM; Compact, Self-Supporting Robust Door with Multi Composite Frames. Sizes up to W=4m X H=4.5m

  • STAR 5 LABO;   Airtight, will withstand Differential Pressures and is Cleanable. Sizes up to W=4m X H=4.5m

  • STAR 5 AGRO;  Washable, Corrosion Resistant and Water Repellent. Withstands Differential Pressures.  Sizes up to W=4m X H=4.5m

  • STAR 5 FRIGO;  To suit Sub Zero to Ambient Temperatures. Multi Composite, Non Corrosive Frames. Curtains do not attract Condensation. Sizes up to W=4m X H=4.5m

  • STAR 2 TREKKING;  Self Supporting, Powder Coated Steel Frames. Roll up Doors W=4.5m X H=4.5m. Fold up Doors W=6m X H=6m

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