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Ultra Strong the ARCADE 3, is a manufactured 118mm Aluminium Roller Shutter, which provides greater options especially in retail shop front sector.

Designed to suit openings up to 4 metres high and up to 10.0 metres wide in a single span, the ARCADE 3 is the product of choice for areas where high security is required but not limited too Retail, Commercial Premises, Hospitality, Public Building and Facilities, Industrial, Medical, Entertainment, Social and Sports sector.

Recommended For But Not Limited To Security Car Parks, Retail, Arcades, Sporting Complexes, Hospitality sector. As manufactured by ARCO (Qld) Pty Ltd.


The curtain is constructed from 118mm x 1.4mm thick extruded aluminium. Both ends of the aluminium slat are fitted with specifically designed shaped nylon moulded end clips to reduce friction during operation and prevent lateral movement within the guides.

Curtain Options Available

Slotting of aluminium slats is available in varying sizes from 195mm x 75mm up to 575mm x 75mm for ventilation and have the added option of clear polycarbonate infill’s being fitted to reduce dust and add visibility where ventilation is not required.

Alternatively the shutter may have perforated aluminium slats with 6.5mm diameter holes at 9mm centres fitted.

Side guides are 100mm x 38mm aluminium extrusions which can be fitted with a rubber twin fin extrusion or mohair felt buffer for quieter operation.


Locking system can be fitted to all doors. The locking system is centrally mounted within the bottom rail. Locking is not recommended where doors have motorised operation. ARCADE 3 can be either manually operated by hand or electrically operated. There is a wide range of control methods available with motorised doors and these can be discussed with ARCO (Qld) when determining your requirements.

Motorisation Methods

Able to be motorised with either three (3) phase or one (1) phase, one (1) horsepower motors suitable for high use environments or with the use of a centrally mounted drum motor in low use areas.

Drum size is dependant on method of operation and size of opening. Please consult with ARCO (Qld) for details.


Suitable for openings up to 10 metres wide x 4 metres high.


Matt Natural Anodised as standard finish (up to 8 metre maximum) or standard Polyester Powdercoated colours as an option (price available on request).

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